- After-sale service

Timely and effective communication:

For problematic goods, we have specialists who will ensure that they communicate with you in the first place in a variety of ways(Email Telephone Skype SMS, etc.) to find the best solution to the problem. At the same time, at regular intervals, we will invite you and our technicians to conduct in-depth technical exchanges through various channels. We will also pass on to you the latest products and technologies of the denture industry that we know in time to help you grasp the future trends. Get maximum value.

The shortest production cycle

The company uses 7 * 24 hours, under the premise of quality assurance, the normal production time in the factory is 3-5 days. If you have any special request, we will cooperate fully.

Fast and flexible transportation

We have established strategic partnerships with a number of major international logistics companies to facilitate the timely delivery of our products to various locations around the world. Our company sends a special bus to and from Shenzhen and Hong Kong every day. It greatly accelerates the running time and reduces the transportation cost.


Excellence, strive for perfection

Rich production experience, fine to micro production mode, considerate after-sales service, we will better serve customers.

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